Dynamic Positioning Floatover

ADPS are the only company to have completed Float-Overs using Dynamic Positioning (DP) and carry the experience of 11 successful projects to date, with 5 further DP Float-Overs planned for 2015 and beyond.

As heavy lift DP vessels rarely operate in DP it is not reasonable to expect the crew to be experienced and competent in DP operations. ADPS are the ideal solution by being able to provide competent, qualified and experienced DP Management Team and DPO’s providing confidence to the project and the end client.

Again due to the infrequent use of DP on the heavy lift vessels the normal requirement of annual DP trials is often overlooked, ADPS provide trials as part of the package, both in conducting the trials and by supplying the operators to drive the vessel during the trials culminating in the production of a project specific DP Operations Manual. This period is often an excellent time to allow the considered DPO’s to become familiar with the vessel in preparation for the actual Float-Over.

ADPS construct a DP operations manual focused on the specific floatover project and the procedures which is also included in the package.

ADPS represent the client at HAZID/OP meetings providing marine expertise to bolster the safety of the project

ADPS only utilise DP Masters or very experienced SDPO’s and ETO’s for the project – though we call them DPO’s they are in fact DP Consultants with a vast experience of Offshore knowledge, practices and ship handling.

The process is financially efficient as the Client only engages ADPS for a project with no lingering financial commitments afterwards i.e. continuous employment of DPO’s.